Barbara Walters is a well known news personality. She paved the way for people like Katie Couric and many other women trying to make it in the news industry. It wasn't easy for her because she was a female in a male dominated position. In 1976, she got her first co- anchor job on the ABC news with Harry Reasoner. Barbara Walters was the first female to co- anchor the evening news, ever. She also made a million dollar salary. The public was used to men reporting the news and the ratings went down because she was female and she was asked to leave the anchor desk.
In her early career, she was a writer for the Today Show. Then she was soon after promoted to reporter. The host ,Hugh Downs, referred to her as the “new Today girl”. While she was a writer she was not allowed to write for any of the male correspondents or ask questions about economics or politics because they were male dominated issues. She was not allowed to interview guests on camera until the men had finished asking them questions. Today, because of people like Barbara Walters, women are now equal to men in the news.