Besides the fact that Ellen DeGeneres is a very funny and gifted comedian, another claim to fame that she has is that she anounced that she was gay on her old show Ellen. Her response "Yep, I'm gay." made her famous in a way that she did not want. Ellen DeGeneres was born Jan. 26th 1958. Her parents divorced when she was very young and her and her mother moved to Texas. In the late 1990's she was going out with actor Ann Heche. When that relationship ended in 2000 she was feeling horrible and took a break from t.v and movies. She then had a huge comeback with her role in Finding Nemo. Director Andrew Stanton chose her because she "changed the subject five times before her sentence had finished." and now she has a huge hit show simply called The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This story shows that even if you are gay or lesbian, you can still be very succusful in the world

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Ellen has tried to make her show a "non-gay show" although, some times, she has made gay remarks on her show such as the time when Maddona kissed Brittany Spears and she said "Yeah you were as disgusted as I was." The Ellen DeGeneres Show is still very popular. Ellen most recent achievement is that she has recently hosted the 78th acadamy awards and did an amazing job. Critics gave her very great ratings and she made it her own.
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