Governor Frederick Plaisted

Frederick William Plaisted was born in Bangor, Maine on July 26, 1865. his father was also the former governor of Maine named Harris Merrill Plaisted. Frederick got his early education in Maine but went to the Saint.Johnsbury Academy in the state of Vermont. His first job was a publisher and had a long career as owner for the newspaper called "The New Age" in Augusta and he decided to go into the field of politics and following his fathers footsteps in 1896. He stepped into the role of mayor of Augusta in 1906 to 1910 and also county sherriff but finally in 1911 he got elected to be the 48th governor of Maine. He was governor for two years and in 1911 made the shameful address to the malagaites that lead to their eviction and to the 12 black islanders deaths. He triedv to get reelected in 1913 but failed mirserably and 1943 he died and was buried in Bangor.

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